08:51PM EDT - It's currently 10 minutes before 6 PM here in San Francisco and we're currently waiting for the LG V20 event to start.

08:53PM EDT - This is going to be experimenting with iPad Pro 12.9 as the sole liveblog tool for photos and text. This isn't necessarily a huge load but improving the value of tablets means covering use cases like this that would otherwise need a dSLR, Lightroom, miniUSB cable, and a lot of finesse.

09:01PM EDT - Here we go.

09:01PM EDT - We're currently being treated to Joseph Gordon Levitt playing drums on the subway in public for some reason?

09:01PM EDT - Frank Lee takes the stage.

09:02PM EDT - Discussing LG's focus on innovation for a better life

09:03PM EDT - "Built for storytellers"

09:04PM EDT - The dual display remains but the dual front facing camera is gone. Rear facing is dual camera instead.

09:06PM EDT - Improved video recording stabilization

09:06PM EDT - High quality lossless audio capture, possibly FLAC audio for video similar to HTC 10

09:06PM EDT - Quad, 32 bit DAC as previously mentioned in pre-launch marketing

09:07PM EDT - Design is minimal alu unibody with thin bezels.

09:08PM EDT - Silicon-based polycarbonate is on the top and bottom which looks like RF windows and improved drop resistance

09:08PM EDT - MIL-STD 810G transit drop test passed but don't drop on the glass

09:10PM EDT - Android Nougat includes Vulkan and other improvements across the board, not unique to LG V20 but should be first phone to ship with Nougat

09:10PM EDT - In app search with Nougat as well on the V20

09:10PM EDT - I have to say taking iPad photos is still very obnoxious

09:11PM EDT - Interesting to see LG taking this seriously

09:12PM EDT - Images shifted frame by frame using live sensor capture and also extra post-video processing

09:12PM EDT - Mike Finley on the stage from QCOM to talk about this technology

09:13PM EDT - Other technologies from the 820 SoC utilized by V20 includes 4K video capture and playback

09:14PM EDT - High quality audio on 3.5mm jack and speaker as well, not sure whether the speaker is yet but looks to be downward firing

09:15PM EDT - V20 is future ready with modem OTA updates to improve throughput once operators deploy new tech

09:16PM EDT - Manual Video continues to appear in the V20. ISO, shutter speed, white balance, focus, sound direction capture, etc. Also photo capture during video recording

09:17PM EDT - Apologies, both front and rear cameras are still dual camera. 8 MP rear camera for wide angle 135 degree. Front camera is 5MP 120 degree FOV.

09:17PM EDT - Auto shot on FFC used to detect faces and gesture to trigger a shutter.

09:18PM EDT - Downward firing speaker, 3 mics with wide dynamic range to avoid saturation in loud environments like concert. Can record high quality video and control sound in video recordings.

09:19PM EDT - Partnered with ESS to get 32-bit DAC for V20.

09:19PM EDT - ES9218 design win?

09:21PM EDT - Looking at the liveblog it looks like there's an issue with image uploads. I'll have to see whether I can resolve this later.

09:21PM EDT - 130 dB SNR in this DAC which should eliminate hiss

09:22PM EDT - Headphone amplifier has double voltage of anything else on the market so you don't need an external amp

09:24PM EDT - 5.7" QHD display

09:24PM EDT - B&O headphones included in US as limited time offer

09:25PM EDT - LG UX 5.0+

09:25PM EDT - Removable 3200 mAh battery and USB type C

09:26PM EDT - USB C to A adapter and QC 3.0 charger

09:26PM EDT - Up to 64GB of internal memory internally

09:26PM EDT - Fingerprint scanner for Android Pay and other security such as Content Lock

09:27PM EDT - Available through AT&T, TMOUS, US Cellular, Verizon, and Sprint

09:27PM EDT - Titan and SIlver

09:27PM EDT - That ends this liveblog. Look for hands-on soon.

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  • Meteor2 - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - link

    So as a phone designed for content creation, namely videography, this looks very, very good. OIS 4K recording with excellent sound, and replaceable battery. Will be very useful for news reporters, and people who are serious on Instagram will love it.
  • peterfares - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - link

    Have they retained the bootloop feature?
  • Rocket321 - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - link

    I wish anandtech would to an expose' on bootloop-gate. I tried to brush it of as the vocal few, but after seeing hundreds+ of different posters on reddit & XDA it seems like a real issue and puts LG in a very bad light for their non-support of the issue. They should have issued a voluntary recall, accepting all G4 models and extended the warranty by 1 year for all owners.
  • fanofanand - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - link

    It would be nice if Anandtech started publicly shaming companies that don't "do" updates. It makes absolutely zero sense to me, and creates no goodwill with their customers. It's almost as if LG/Samsung etc. are begging Apple to steal their customers. Of course Apple screws their customers with inadequate RAM etc. but not having security updates? That is baffling to me.
  • DukeN - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - link

    Frank Lee my dear, I don't give a damn
  • boe_d - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - link

    I really wanted to get this phone until the rumored 4000mah battery went to a dinky 3200mah battery. They should have leaked the real battery size so people looking for specs wouldn't be so disappointed. I think the majority of users would prefer a 3600 or 4000mah battery than some fancy recording equipment connected to a tiny microphone.
  • JMC2000 - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - link

    So, just compared this to my Note 4, and to me, the V20 is somewhat of an upgrade.

    I also wonder if it would've killed LG to make the V20 just .4mm thicker; at least for a larger battery.
  • iamlilysdad - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - link

    The hands-on has not showed up yet. Is it still coming?
  • theuglyman0war - Wednesday, September 14, 2016 - link

    was hoping to hear more OLED HDR WCG hype from LG...
    With current high-end monitor manufacturers offering endless IPS screens when I am going to replace their overpriced offerings with OLED if I made that investment for so much money...
    I feel if LG would just but out a 30/32 inch TV finally I would buy 3 of them tomorrow! ( for my dream multi monitor configuration replacing my 3dvision surround setup )

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