08:51AM PDT - We're currently waiting for the event to start. Today it'll be Joshua Ho on both text and images. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up. After last night's experiment it looks like we'll be using an Android device for photos and the iPad Pro for text.

08:52AM PDT - The iPad Pro is at least comparable to the Razer Blade when it comes to sheer typing speed on the 13 inch variant once you use the keyboard cover

09:43AM PDT - Upload is getting hammered right now for obvious reasons. Depending upon connection stability we may need to fall back to AT&T LTE or text only.

09:44AM PDT - I saw at least 20 people uploading live video using Periscope so it's probably not a surprise that this is happening. Event WiFi is open presumably to try and eke out every last bit of bandwidth.

09:49AM PDT - The HTC 10 has performed fairly admirably in liveblogs before as seen in the Honor 8 launch event, so hopefully it won't fall short here.

09:56AM PDT - We're roughly five minutes out from the start of the event now.

09:59AM PDT - The event is beginning it seems

10:00AM PDT - A lot of applause

10:00AM PDT - Tim Cook in video first

10:02AM PDT - Presumably we will get to announcements soon after the intro ends

10:03AM PDT - This is noticeably less formal than most intro videos that we expect

10:03AM PDT - Tim Cook takes the stage

10:04AM PDT - 17M paid subscribers

10:05AM PDT - Apple music was the launch platform for over 70 different albums

10:06AM PDT - Apple Music Festival will be streamed over Apple Music

10:06AM PDT - Ends Apple Music Updates

10:07AM PDT - 140B app store downloads

10:08AM PDT - Mario for iOS?

10:09AM PDT - Nintendo/Apple partnership

10:09AM PDT - Shigeru Miyamoto on stage

10:11AM PDT - The controls are mobile-focused so they're fluent and one-handed

10:13AM PDT - Battle mode will also be possible which allows for competing against a ghost that your friend sets

10:14AM PDT - Price will be one time upfront and no microtransactions

10:14AM PDT - Super Mario Run will be available in the holidays of 2016 at the end of the year.

10:14AM PDT - There are also Super Mario stickers for iMessage that will launch with iOS 10

10:15AM PDT - Concludes app store updates

10:15AM PDT - Onto education

10:17AM PDT - ConnectED teachers and students are apparently also attending this event

10:17AM PDT - Mac and iPad to 4500 teachers, Apple TV in every class, 50k iPads to students.

10:18AM PDT - Program called Everyone Can Code uses Swift Playgrounds on iOS to help teach Swift to kids

10:20AM PDT - Real-time collaboration comes to iWork

10:23AM PDT - Time for new products, Apple Watch first

10:24AM PDT - Apple is now the number two watch brand in the world, top selling smartwatch.

10:24AM PDT - Customer satisfaction is top for smartwatch.

10:25AM PDT - I'm not sure overall sales are really all that impressive necessarily but we'll have to see later

10:25AM PDT - WatchOS 3 recap

10:26AM PDT - I'm waiting for disclosure of GPS, possible cellular, and FinFET. That would be a big deal and FinFET would definitely be a point of differentiation

10:29AM PDT - Pokemon GO for Apple Watch

10:29AM PDT - 4.6B kilometers walked while playing the game Pokemon GO

10:30AM PDT - It's a companion app to function as a heads-up display of sorts

10:33AM PDT - Apple Watch demo concludes

10:33AM PDT - Shipping on Apple Watch before end of year

10:34AM PDT - "People are absolutely going to love it" on watchOS 3

10:34AM PDT - Next gen Apple Watch begins

10:35AM PDT - Apple Watch Series 2 is swim-proof

10:36AM PDT - 50m water depth resistance

10:37AM PDT - 24 hours a day for weeks at a time to ensure long term water resistance

10:38AM PDT - You can now count calorie burn for swimming using 700 swimmers to create accurate calorie burn tracking

10:38AM PDT - Algorithm tailored to your own stroke efficiency over time

10:39AM PDT - 60 FPS in Night Sky 4

10:39AM PDT - 2nd gen display

10:39AM PDT - 2x max luminance, brightest display ever shipped by Apple. 1000 nits.

10:41AM PDT - Hopefully when Apple says 1000 nits they mean at least 80 APL or this is just marketing fluff

10:41AM PDT - Samsung Note7 would have a comparable display otherwise

10:42AM PDT - HTC 10 holding up amazingly as the camera for this event

10:43AM PDT - We're now at the 45 minute mark so we're probably about an hour and 15 minutes from the end

10:44AM PDT - Alu, stainless steel, and ceramic cases for Apple Watch Series 2

10:44AM PDT - Hermes partnership continues as well

10:45AM PDT - Wrapping up Apple Watch 2

10:45AM PDT - Apple is partnering with Nike as well for this watch

10:46AM PDT - Interestingly no finfet disclosure, hopefully either that or FD-SOI

10:46AM PDT - Apple Watch Nike+ is a special band + colors it seems?

10:52AM PDT - Apple Watch 2 starts at 369. Apple Watch Series 1 updated with S2 SiP and starts at 269

10:53AM PDT - Onto the next hardware launch

10:53AM PDT - IPhone next

11:01AM PDT - Jet Black with high gloss finish for the back cover

11:02AM PDT - Black is bead-blasted aluminum instead of high gloss finish

11:02AM PDT - Gold, silver, and rose gold as well.

11:04AM PDT - Solid state home button that uses taptic engine and force touch to make it capacitive + touchID with the feel of a physical home button

11:04AM PDT - This is actually really neat because home buttons with physical designs break over time

11:04AM PDT - Water and dust resistant

11:04AM PDT - IP67

11:05AM PDT - The home button is going to be like the Macbook trackpad

11:05AM PDT - 7 and 7 Plus have OIS, f/1.8 aperture

11:06AM PDT - 6 element lens, presumably 6P

11:06AM PDT - LED senses flickering in artificial light to compensate with the LED flash

11:07AM PDT - 2x throughput of previous ISPs in iPhones

11:08AM PDT - 25ms to do 100B operations per photo

11:08AM PDT - In case you didn't know that ISPs are heavy duty

11:10AM PDT - 7MP FFC

11:10AM PDT - We're getting close to a 4K FFC...

11:10AM PDT - FFC has DTI, wide color P3, auto image stabilization

11:12AM PDT - Corephotonics style dual camera it seems

11:12AM PDT - Two cameras with two focal lengths, wide angle has OIS but not sure of the second camera with zoom

11:13AM PDT - Digital zoom up to 10x but optical zoom is 2x.

11:14AM PDT - I'm guessing that the low light benefits aren't going to be huge but oversampling should help at least a little bit

11:15AM PDT - Uh oh Apple is talking about background blurring now

11:16AM PDT - Live preview of the blurring effect

11:17AM PDT - I'm trying to keep an open mind, hopefully this is implemented competently

11:18AM PDT - The background blur feature is coming later this year, not at launch

11:19AM PDT - P3 gamut display with full color management

11:19AM PDT - 3D Touch remains

11:22AM PDT - All of instagram now supports P3 for iOS

11:22AM PDT - Launches later this year

11:25AM PDT - Adapter in the box for 3.5mm for iPhone 7.

11:25AM PDT - "The courage to move on" is apparenty the main reason for the move to lightning

11:25AM PDT - For headphones

11:27AM PDT - Main reason though is to make more room for other things. Seems to suggest that we're looking at digital audio passthrough so DAC and amp is on the headphones

11:27AM PDT - I want to tear down the adapter to see if there's any logic in it or just wires

11:29AM PDT - Motion + IR sensors so they only work in your ears and Siri. Noise cancellation.

11:29AM PDT - 24 hours of battery life and wireless charging dock

11:30AM PDT - Easy connection to the phone

11:32AM PDT - 5 hours of listening in the earbuds, case will last 24 hours total. Lightning charging

11:33AM PDT - Over 90% of contactless uses Apple Pay

11:34AM PDT - IPhone 7 supports Felica for Japan

11:34AM PDT - Apple Watch Series 2 as well

11:34AM PDT - Transit in Japan as well in late October.

11:34AM PDT - Apple dominates in Japan, this is probably why the coverage in announcement

11:35AM PDT - Wow big little

11:35AM PDT - They did it the absolute madmna

11:36AM PDT - the absolute madman

11:38AM PDT - Apple just validated ARM and Qualcomm with this move

11:38AM PDT - I really want to see what kind of governor they're doing to manage where apps go where for cores

11:38AM PDT - Adobe Lightroom on a phone for RAW editing using this SoC

11:40AM PDT - I wouldn't be surprised if the migration is all done in hardware though and we're only looking at a dual core CPU from a software perspective

11:41AM PDT - That's probably not quite right, but the kernel handles the core selection, and hardware does thread migration, and from an app dev perspective you just have two cores

11:42AM PDT - Battery life is 20-30% or so improvement over the 6s to keep up with GS7 + HTC 10

11:43AM PDT - LTE-A with 450 Mbps, is this an Intel modem? Have to see a teardown.

11:45AM PDT - Jet black is going to be a huge fingerprint magnet

11:47AM PDT - Finally 16gb dies

11:49AM PDT - Airpods 159 USD

11:51AM PDT - Looks like a concert now. Ending this liveblog. Look out for more coverage soon.

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  • name99 - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - link

    re big.LITTLE
    "Apple just validated ARM and Qualcomm with this move"

    You're missing the point. As you say, "I wouldn't be surprised if the migration is all done in hardware though and we're only looking at a dual core CPU from a software perspective" is THE QUESTION.

    I have very loudly and frequently criticized big.LITTLE not because the idea is stupid, but because the ARM implementation is stupid (in two ways
    - the different performance cores are in different clusters, so it is expensive to move from A57 to A53 or whatever
    - the OS has to do the scheduling)

    This sort of design can work very well (according to academic simulations) when
    - the two cores are very tightly coupled (eg perhaps even sharing the same L1 caches, or with a very fast path between the two sets of caches) AND
    - hardware is used to steer threads so that it can do so at a very fine granularity, and based on hardware metrics (like dumping a thread that misses frequently to DRAM onto the slower core).

    My guess is that both cores (of a fast.SLOW pair) ARE visible to the OS, otherwise Apple would not have talked about this as a quad-core device, and that
    - threads get an OS hint as to what level of performance is expected (this can be done because, for a while now, developers have been told to mark threads at a required performance level based on the type of UI interaction expected)
    - this OS hint is used in conjunction with hardware metrics to steer threads. So, eg, the background processing thread NEVER leaves the slow core; while if two UI-critical threads are running, one on the slow core, one on the FAST core, they will be interchanged occasionally depending on which one is currently doing a worse job of exploiting that FAST hardware.
  • lilmoe - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - link

    sorry, had to laugh

    sooo.... yea. big.LITTLE is the future, just like i said all along, more cores is the way to go. your iGod says i'm right. no more arguments.
  • Nullify - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - link

    Ahhh, the little Apple hating troll is upset again. It's OK, you'll get through another year of a new iPhone and Apple domination. Maybe you'll get lucky and something bad will happen to Apple (like exploding phones).
  • lilmoe - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - link

    hehehe. I'd rather be called iFan troll, especially the blind cult following type.
    On a more serious note, I actually like the device. Like I said on the the first page of the comments, I'd be all over it if it had SD card expansion and a workable file system...

    I seriously HATE how people trash other innovations if they weren't used by Apple (big.LITTLE being a very good example here), and then change their entire rhetoric when Apple adopts said innovations, claiming that "Apple is doing it right/better" when they absolutely have no idea how it's implemented in Apple's closed system code.

    In short, I like trolling people who talk out of their behinds. I like some Apple products, but hate the greedy, anti-consumer approach of the company.
  • Nullify - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - link

    What if it was something much simpler? The one thing Apple knows better than anyone is the performance requirements of all the threads within iOS itself. So maybe Apple offloads a bunch of OS specific stuff to run in the background on these low power cores which frees the two main cores up for user Apps. Or maybe I'm looking at this wrong?

    However they do it, the implementation is going to be vastly superior to Android simply based on the fact Apple has complete control over their hardware & software. This will just be another example of the advantages this control brings them.
  • Eidigean - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - link

    Just want to clarify, speaking as a dev, that increasing a thread's priority informs the scheduler of how important it is to give processing time to that thread.

    In my experience, if you want a thread to wake up say 30 times per second, even to do minimal work, the priority must be very high in order to wake up on time, not 20ms to 50ms late.

    This workload could still be done on a little core, reactive doesn't mean heavy, so I would not want thread priority to indicate which core to schedule the thread on.
  • name99 - Thursday, September 8, 2016 - link

    You are SUPPOSED to tag your threads using QoS classes, which are more abstract descriptions of how you want your thread prioritized:

    Dicking around with low level thread priorities is something you should rarely need to do unless you have very unusual requirements.

    Unlike thread priority, QoS IS a useful indicator of what core is likely best for a thread. Priority is sub-optimal for the kinds of reasons Eidigean gives --- it conflates two different issues, namely latency and some sort of "duration it takes to complete the task".
  • Eidigean - Thursday, September 8, 2016 - link

    Thank you for the link. I was not aware of the method pthread_set_qos_class_self_np().

    When writing cross-platform code, such as Android which also uses pthreads, none of the other Objective-C techniques are appropriate.
  • Eidigean - Thursday, September 8, 2016 - link

    Here's why I missed it. NOTE: QoS is available in iOS 8 and later. My codebase has been around since iOS 4.
  • ilkhan - Wednesday, September 7, 2016 - link

    One little flaw (lightning vs USB-C), otherwise looks like a good upgrade. I might have to skip the Nexus train this year.

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