Burn Tests CDR Media

We used the following configuration to test our burners:

Albatron 865PE Pro II
Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz 800FSB
2 x 512 DDR OCZ PC3200 EL
Maxtor 80GB 7200RPM 8MB PATA
Windows XP SP1

Below are the corresponding firmwares to each drive that we used:

Drive Firmware
ASUS DRW-0802P 1.13
AOpen DDW8800 1.4A
Gigabyte GO-W0808A USY1
Nu Tech DDW-082 B372
Sony DRU-530A 2.0A
Sony DRU-700A VYV3
Toshiba SD-R5272 1030

Higher burn speed averages are more desirable.

Ritek 97m31s01f - 52X CDR
Drive Average Burn Length Mode
AOpen DDW8800 27.13X 79:57.71 Z-CLV
ASUS DRW-0802P 22.39X 79:57.71 Z-CLV
Gigabyte GO-W0808A 31.65X 79:57.71 CAV
Nu Tech DDW-082 23.51X 79:57.71 P-CAV
Sony DRU-530A 29.39X 79:57.71 P-CAV
Sony DRU-700A 31.62X 79:57.71 CAV
Toshiba SD-R5272 22.89X 79:57.71 Z-CLV

Mitsubishi 97m23s24f - 24X CDRW
Drive Average Burn Length Mode
AOpen DDW8800 16.00X 74:43.00 CLV
ASUS DRW-0802P 22.26X 74:43.00 Z-CLV
Gigabyte GO-W0808A - 74:43.00 -
Nu Tech DDW-082 21.22X 74:43.00 Z-CLV
Sony DRU-530A 22.40X 74:43.00 P-CAV
Sony DRU-700A 22.35X 74:43.00 Z-CLV
Toshiba SD-R5272 15.78X 74:43.00 Z-CLV

Almost to no surprise, the DRU-700A had the same very high CDR burn speeds found on the Gigabyte GO-W0808A.

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  • MysticMan1 - Thursday, May 6, 2004 - link

    I have the Sony DRU700A drive deals posted in the Anandtech "hot deal" forum here: http://forums.anandtech.com/messageview.cfm?catid=...

    FYI: Here's a quote from Philips, who created the DL format. Quote: (According to Philips it will not be possible to upgrade existing 8x DVD recorders to DL layer recorders, contrary to what some rumours are saying. In theory the laser power of an 8x drive is strong enough to handle DL but the problem is, is that the OPU (Optical Pickup Unit) of the drive is often not good enough. This will lead to quality problems. However, some drives with good OPUs could, in theory, be upgraded although they’d have to be handpicked)
  • Adul - Wednesday, May 5, 2004 - link

    mmm looks up his dvd burner model :D Reply
  • KristopherKubicki - Wednesday, May 5, 2004 - link


    fairly likely. As we mentioned in the review we firmware upgraded our GO-W0808A to DL.

  • Ian@CDRlabs - Wednesday, May 5, 2004 - link

    According to Sony, its $199.99 right now. Reply
  • hahher - Wednesday, May 5, 2004 - link

    what about price of this burner? price of other burnes (lite-on)?

    since components are similar to other current burners, how likely is it to see firmware upgrades to DL?
  • Ian@CDRlabs - Wednesday, May 5, 2004 - link

    Hmm.. maybe you should ask the author Karr. Reply
  • KristopherKubicki - Wednesday, May 5, 2004 - link

    Ian@CDRlabs: Not officially.

  • Ian@CDRlabs - Wednesday, May 5, 2004 - link

    KProbe2 does support PI/PO error testing (or BLER as you call them) for DVD+R DL. Reply
  • LoneWolf15 - Wednesday, May 5, 2004 - link

    First of all, finding Dual Layer DVD media will likely take some time. Even though it isn't hard to find DVD+R/DVD-R media now, finding quality media for a reasonable price is still a gamble, much like CD-R media was in its earlier days.
    Secondly, if this drive has different pickups then it isn't "essentially the same as the Gigabyte" DVD writer. To write to the second layer of a dual layer DVD, more sensitive mechanisms are needed, and obviously this was done. Just because two DVD writers have the same chipset does not mean they will burn the same; if they have a different pickup mechanism, the drives will likely differ in performance. This has already been proven by the NEC 2500A and Pioneer 107D, which both use the same chipset but do not have exactly the same performance.

  • Gromis - Wednesday, May 5, 2004 - link

    My feeling while reading ths: "poor those who bought DVD-RAM drives..." Reply

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