Looking at the bezel of the 540A reminds us of Sony's previous drives with a rack mount look to it. The top half of the bezel is the dark tinted plastic which displays the Sony logo as well as the DVD/DVD+Rewritable and CDRW standards logos.

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When we peeked inside the drive we noticed that the circuitry inside the DRU-540A is the same as that of the DR12A. Like the Plextor PX-712A, both drives use the Sanyo LC897491 chipset which support 12x DVD+R burning as well as the AK8584 analog signal processor. The DRU-540A does have a slightly updated cache but remains at 2MB like the DR12A.

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  • RyanVM - Sunday, August 15, 2004 - link

    No SATA support? Count me out. Reply
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    Plenty of problems with images here as well!!! Reply
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    me too. it doesn't seem to work with firefox Reply
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    Yes, I have the same problem as #1. Definitely something wrong here. Reply
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    images don't load for me

    uh, actually the article isn't up past the second page

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