Gaming Performance: 720p and Lower

All of our game testing results, including other resolutions, can be found in our benchmark database: All gaming tests were with an RTX 2080 Ti.

For our gaming tests in this review, we re-benched the Ryzen 7 5800X processor to compare it directly against the newer Ryzen 7 5800X3D on Windows 11. All previous Ryzen 5000 processor were tested on Windows 10, while all of our Intel Alder Lake (12th Gen Core Series) testing was done on Windows 11.

We are using DDR4 memory at the following settings:

  • DDR4-3200

Civilization VI

(b-1) Civilization VI - 480p Min - Average FPS

(b-2) Civilization VI - 480p Min - 95th Percentile

Final Fantasy 14

(d-1) Final Fantasy 14 - 768p Min - Average FPS

Final Fantasy 15

(e-1) Final Fantasy 15 - 720p Standard - Average FPS

(e-2) Final Fantasy 15 - 720p Standard - 95th Percentile

World of Tanks

(f-1) World of Tanks - 768p Min - Average FPS

(f-2) World of Tanks - 768p Min - 95th Percentile

Borderlands 3

(g-1) Borderlands 3 - 360p VLow - Average FPS

(g-2) Borderlands 3 - 360p VLow - 95th Percentile

Far Cry 5

(i-1) Far Cry 5 - 720p Low - Average FPS

(i-2) Far Cry 5 - 720p Low - 95th Percentile

Gears Tactics

(j-1) Gears Tactics - 720p Low - Average FPS

(j-2) Gears Tactics - 720p Low - 95th Percentile

Grand Theft Auto V

(k-1) Grand Theft Auto V - 720p Low - Average FPS

(k-2) Grand Theft Auto V - 720p Low - 95th Percentile

Red Dead Redemption 2

(l-1) Red Dead 2 - 384p Min - Average FPS

(l-2) Red Dead 2 - 384p Min - 95th Percentile

Strange Brigade (DirectX 12)

(m-1) Strange Brigade DX12 - 720p Low - Average FPS

(m-2) Strange Brigade DX12 - 720p Low - 95th Percentile

Strange Brigade (Vulcan)

(n-1) Strange Brigade Vulkan - 720p Low - Average FPS

(n-2) Strange Brigade Vulkan - 720p Low - 95th Percentile

At 720p resolutions and lower, we are significantly (and intentionally) CPU limited. All of which gives the Ryzen 7 5800X3D and its 3D-Vache the chance to shine.

The addition of 3D V-Cache to one of AMD's mid-range chips makes the Ryzen 7 5800X3D a much more potent option in gaming, with much better performance consistently than the Ryzen 7 5800X. This is very much a best-case scenario for AMD, and as we'll see, won't be as applicable to more real-world results (where being GPU limited is more common). But it underscores why AMD is positioning the chip as a gaming chip: because many of these workloads do benefit from the extra cache (when they aren't being held-back elsewhere).

In any case, the 5800X3D compares favorably to its more direct competition, the Intel Core i9-12900K and Ryzen 9 5950X (which are both more expensive options). In AMD partnered titles, the Ryzen 7 5800X3D does extremely well.

The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D Review Gaming Performance: 1080p
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  • Makaveli - Monday, July 4, 2022 - link

    Guy is a troll ignore him.
  • Silver5urfer - Monday, July 4, 2022 - link

    If you do not want to read them and try to even understand the issue at hand better stop at it, do not call everything that you do not understand as "Beta use at own risk" it's laughable how you dismiss the platform problems. clicked on top first link and called everything is beta.. is currently a beta release rest of them are not and on top many already said is better for platform stability over previous AGESA esp with TPM issues since Windows 11 dropped. Then again the is bad for DRAM OC. You will dismiss the below link also.

    Makeveli is even bigger joker using slandering of all.
  • erotomania - Thursday, July 7, 2022 - link is NOT beta. I only looked at Asus, but the BIOSs (which I have had installed for at least a month) are not listed as beta. They may have been listed as such on the first few days of release.
  • GeoffreyA - Friday, July 8, 2022 - link

    I've been using 1207 for about a month, and it's running without problems on my B450 Tomahawk; but I did notice that MSI seemingly removed this BIOS from the website, the current one reverting to 2020's AGESA 1006. A quick search online shows that some people have had issues with it.
  • Khanan - Thursday, June 30, 2022 - link

    Nah it’s excellent for gaming, far better than the 5900X. The 5900X only makes sense for creators same as with the 5950X.
  • Silver5urfer - Thursday, June 30, 2022 - link

    I do not crave for that pathetic 1-2% I want a machine do everything from my 4K muxing to whatever I throw at it including a ton of MT workloads. The CPU is also locked I do not want that either. 5900X is a far better purchase.

    A PC is not just a damn "Gaming" only junk. It should be able to do everything. If I want just for gaming I would get any CPU and be done with it.
  • nandnandnand - Thursday, June 30, 2022 - link

    Just because a product doesn't meet your needs doesn't make it junk.

    Most people don't even need 8 cores, much less 12-16.
  • Threska - Saturday, July 2, 2022 - link

    Those doing virtualization might, be it home or office.
  • nandnandnand - Saturday, July 2, 2022 - link

    And they will buy the product they need.
  • Khanan - Friday, July 1, 2022 - link

    1-2% lol go inform yourself a little better, this CPU is 15% ahead of Zen 3 in average.

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