OCZ Z-Drive R3

OCZ also demonstrated the new Z-Drive R3, a PCIe SSD with four SF-1500 controllers behind a Marvell RAID controller. The end result is the performance of four SandForce SSDs in RAID-0 on a single half-height PCIe card:

OCZ ran a quick run of ATTO on the Z-Drive R3 at the show, showing peak reads/writes of 1GB/s.

New 3.5” Chassis

OCZ also demonstrated a new, slimmer chassis for its 3.5” SSDs like the Vertex 2 and Agility 2:


On the other end of the spectrum, OCZ presented an even bigger (physically) drive: the IBIS XL. Now this isn’t going to be productized, but it’s simply something to test the waters with. The IBIS XL fits into a standard 5.25” drive by and starts at 4TB. 

Speaking of IBIS, OCZ plans to bring an optical version of the IBIS’ HSDL interface to the market. OCZ didn’t have a live demo of optical HSDL, but here’s a shot of an optical HSDL card:

Unfortunately OCZ has yet to convince any motherboard makers to implement HSDL ports on boards, so at this point the standard continues to be quite limited.

OCZ's Vertex 3 Pro


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  • grandnexus - Wednesday, January 19, 2011 - link

    So I'm reading about this Sandforce SF-2000 controller for SSD hardrives, and it's apparently the hottest shit ever. I'm planning on doing a rebuild soon, within a week or two and I was going to get an SSD hardrive.

    After reading this, it sounds like I should wait until this comes out. So, what is the release date of SF-2000? And are there any other comparable SSD hardrives that are out or will be out in a few weeks?
  • grdh20 - Friday, February 4, 2011 - link

    I heard from OCZ earliest end of this quarter or earl 2nd quarter. I say worth the wait. Reply

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