In our lives we often make assumptions which usually hurt us more than they help us in the long run.  Things like assuming that bigger is always better, and that more expensive means higher quality can sometimes bring us success and earn us the title of "elite consumer" however, nine times out of ten, we're almost completely wrong.  Today's fast paced world has brought about many changes in the way we think, work, and interpret even the most simple buying decisions.
  The release of nVidia's Riva TNT chipset not too long ago sparked the interest of many in finding the best TNT based card for the buck, with conflicting reports popping up all over the web and with memory supply issues present in virtually any discussion a full review/comparison of all of the available cards shortly after their release would've been an injustice to both manufacturers and consumers.  Although to satisfy the needs of the consumer who simply can't wait, such a comparison was necessary, an indepth review of the individual cards couldn't be performed until both the hardware and software drivers matured. 

The weeks have gone by, the TNT is no longer the news hog it once was, and it's about time to begin considering what the best of the best has to offer when it comes to TNT based video cards.  One of the first manufacturers to announce a TNT based graphics accelerator, and unfortunately one of the last manufacturers to ship an AGP version of their card is none other than the multimedia king, Creative Labs. 

Known for their widely used sound cards, Creative Labs has become somewhat of an Intel of the multimedia market, and as Intel has attempted to do in the CPU/Mainboard/Chipset industries, Creative is looking to broaden their horizons by making a more prominent effort in the 3D world.  Armed with the outstanding 2D/3D acceleration capabilities of the Riva TNT Chipset, and the Creative name we've all grown used to (whether good or bad ;)...), the Graphics Blaster line of video accelerators is extended to yet another level this time to include the rightfully titled Graphics Blaster TNT. 

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