Hercules Dynamite TNT 16MB AGP

by Ga'ash Soffer on January 24, 1999 5:53 PM EST


"All TNT boards are the same." You have probably heard someone say that about nVidia RIVA TNT based solutions. Of course, for those of you who require TV-out capabilities, this statement obviously does not hold true; however, there are many TV-out capable boards which are many times classified as "identical". As for the non-TV-out capable boards, they are too, classified as "identical". The model Hercules Dynamite TNT board reviewed at Anandtech fell into the into the non-TV-out classification of the plethora of TNT boards. The question is: Is the Hercules Dynamite TNT board "identical"?

Being the first manufacturer to release cards based on the Rendition V2200, 3dfx Voodoo Rush, and S3 Savage 3D, calling Hercules the imitator would be a mistake. Hercules, did not; however, bring us the first nVidia RIVA TNT based board. Does THIS mean that Hercules is now the imitator? Looking at Hercules track record of V2200 boards running 10mhz faster than the competition, and new S3 Savage 3D boards running at 120+mhz, compared to the "industry standard" 100mhz, Hercules shouldn't disappoint. Did they? I think not...

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  • slatanek - Friday, November 30, 2012 - link

    Had this one assembled in my friends PC at the age of 16. those were the times...

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