Sound Quality

These speakers produce very clear and crisp highs & mids, with adequate punchy bass. For a two-channel solution, the sound is very well balanced.

The treble is provided by a 3" long throw driver. Power is rated at 8 Watts per satellite. This is, of course, shared with the mid-range since they use the same woofer. The result is a crisp clean reproduction of the treble range all the way up to 22kHz.

The mid-range is provided by the same 3" long throw driver as the treble. This 3" driver is based on the driver used in the 2000 and 2500 models of the Digital line. Cambridge seems to have a good setup with this driver; it gets the job done and keeps the price low. Of course, separating the two would provide for a bit better sound out of the mid-range. But then the price starts to go up, and takes the speakers out of the market for which they are intended.

The subwoofer is a 5 ¼" woofer with a power rating of 22 Watts. The subwoofer is crossed over a little lower than the 2000 and 2500, which starts at 30Hz instead of 50Hz. The bass is adequate - it's punchy and clean. It would be nice, however, to see a more powerful sub in future product lines.

Amplification for the SoundWorks Digital is accomplished by a Class AB amplifier. There are three separate amplifier channels and two integrated IC's. The first IC handles left and right for the satellites, and the second IC is bridged to handle the subwoofer. Overall, the sound is good. For the price, you are getting a decent set of speakers - no question there. It should be interesting to see what Cambridge comes out with this year, in order to compete with the hunger for higher quality audio for the PC.

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