The Test

Like most of my other hard disk tests, I quickly realized that synthetic benchmarking would not prove to be the best way to illustrate Windrenalin's superb acceleration capabilities, therefore I rounded up 8 well known and popular applications and put them to the test with Windrenalin. I compared load times as well as load times under heavy multitasking environments both with and without Windrenalin loaded to fully illustrate the potential this piece of software has. I tested each program without using Windrenalin, recorded the scores, then completely rebooted the system (to clear any cache) and ran the tests again this time with Windrenalin loaded.

Test Configuration

Processor(s): Intel Pentium II - 300
BIOS Revision: Megatrends FX83-A
RAM: 2 - 32MB 50ns Micron EDO
Hard Drive(s): Quantum Atlas II XP34550
Busmaster EIDE Drivers: Intel v3.01
OS: Windows 95 Service Release 2
Cooling Configuration: Enlight 7230 Mid-Tower ATX Case
2 - Secondary Brushless Case Fans
OEM Pentium II Heatsink


Windows 95 Application Load Times

Application Without Windrenalin With Windrenalin
Microsoft Frontpage 97 Editor: 8.58s 5.32s
Microsoft Word 97: 2.87s 2.83s
Microsoft Access 97: 2.64s 1.42s
Microsoft Excel 97: 1.61s 1.29s
Microsoft Powerpoint 97: 1.70s 0.68s
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02: 1.57s 1.27s
Netscape Navigator 4.01: 5.84s 4.58s
AOL for Windows 95: 4.82s 2.69s

Windrenalin has definitely proved its point, that it can run your applications better than Windows 95 knows how to. If you think these scores are convincing enough, check out the Multitasking comparison...

Windows 95 Multitasking Application Load Times

To simulate a heavy multitasking (disk intensive situation) scenario I was downloading a 10MB file off of the internet, while copying a collection of files totaling 79.4MB, 81,305.6KB, or 8,325,6934.4 Bytes (a megabyte in this case is equal to 210 kilobytes or 1024KB) from one partition of my SCSI to another, and while running various programs with and without Windrenalin to determine the speed increase it provides under multitasking situations.

Application Without Windrenalin With Windrenalin
Microsoft Frontpage 97 Editor: 28.16s 5.68s
Microsoft Word 97: 15.51s 5.63s
Microsoft Access 97: 13.30s 3.66s
Microsoft Excel 97: 9.86s 3.57s
Microsoft Powerpoint 97: 9.01s 3.27s
Netscape Navigator 4.01: 10.21s 5.67s

The Final Decision

Windrenalin is a must have for any power hungry, speed crazed user, it increases performance noticeably on any system...remember, you can never have too much speed =)

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