11:31AM PDT - we'll have more coming soon from BUILD

11:30AM PDT - sorry for the wifi issues

11:30AM PDT - and that's a wrap

11:30AM PDT - "empower every developer"

11:30AM PDT - "moving people from needing Windows, to choosing Windows, to loving Windows"

11:29AM PDT - Satya back on stage to wrap up

11:28AM PDT - Microsoft brought hundreds of Hololens to let attendees get a chance to check it out

11:26AM PDT - hololens can communicate objects in the room to help the robot navigate a room

11:25AM PDT - the robot that came out interacts directly with hololens

11:24AM PDT - now a demo of a maker kit with Raspberry Pi and Hololens

11:23AM PDT - ok I guess we don't get to learn much about the inside

11:22AM PDT - all-in-one device, no tether, no markers, no PC or phone required for operation

11:21AM PDT - now we get to learn more about the inside of hololens

11:18AM PDT - because it is augmented reality and not virtual reality it is easier to keep a connection with people during training

11:16AM PDT - now demoing hololens as a use case to help medical education

11:15AM PDT - video over. Architecture seems like a great fit for Hololens

11:13AM PDT - video now to show how Hololens has helped a construction firm

11:11AM PDT - "Follow Me" command unpins his video player from the wall and it comes with him

11:09AM PDT - showing the Holographic start menu and opening Skype, pinning Skype to the wall

11:08AM PDT - they have a custom camera to show us a demo of Hololens here

11:07AM PDT - unveiling the Windows Holographic Platform

11:05AM PDT - less than 100 days since Hololens was announced, and he will give some more info on how to put apps into Hololens

11:05AM PDT - Alex Kipman is now on stage

11:04AM PDT - for many people the phone is the primary computing interface so this is a nice way to expand that

11:03AM PDT - "any screen can be your PC"

11:03AM PDT - and at the same time, the phone display can still be used

11:02AM PDT - outlook mail client from the phone becomes the full version for the PC

11:01AM PDT - demoing Powerpoint, and once hooked to the display it will be the larger tablet version of the app

11:00AM PDT - phone will work with HDMI monitors and bluetooth keyboard and mouse support

11:00AM PDT - interesting play, and only will be on new hardware

10:59AM PDT - oohh Continuum is coming to the phone

10:58AM PDT - Maps is the demo for Continuum and it adjusts dynamically based on screen size and orientation

10:57AM PDT - showing off the task switcher button on the task bar

10:56AM PDT - start screen has been simplified

10:56AM PDT - showing touch mode on an 8" tablet

10:56AM PDT - Continuum lets devices be flexible, like the Surface Pro 3 for instance

10:55AM PDT - moving on from Edge to Continuum

10:54AM PDT - almost the same code as what Chrome uses because of HTML standards

10:53AM PDT - Edge will have extensions support, Joe is going to demo on Reddit

10:53AM PDT - New Tab page looks great

10:50AM PDT - Edge has been what the backend of Spartan has been using for months

10:50AM PDT - Microsoft Edge is the new browser name

10:49AM PDT - Project Spartan... finally going to hear the name

10:48AM PDT - in this case, send a message but without opening the app at all

10:48AM PDT - showing how Cortana can execute commands too

10:47AM PDT - showing Hey Cortana to launch apps like Viber in this case

10:46AM PDT - Cortana can help promote apps too if you use it to launch existing apps, and it will promote ones that may interest you

10:45AM PDT - Cortana shown with some new UI features

10:44AM PDT - this is optional, but helps with app discovery

10:42AM PDT - Apps like Cortana can be put on the lock screen to let people know about them and help discovery

10:42AM PDT - lock screen uses Windows Insights and you can train it to the images you like

10:41AM PDT - Start Menu just keeps evolving with lots of tweaks

10:40AM PDT - lots of Windows 7 coming back into Windows 10 like Glass and Jump Lists

10:37AM PDT - Joe Belfiore is now on stage

10:37AM PDT - BUILD giveaway is the HP Spectre. Nice machine

10:36AM PDT - so not coming soon but already here

10:36AM PDT - wow this is actually already been used for Candy Crush which has been in the store for a while now

10:34AM PDT - import Objective C right into Visual Studio with full text highlighting

10:33AM PDT - you can compile code from iOS and have it run on Windows

10:32AM PDT - Objective C support is the last tech

10:32AM PDT - wow

10:32AM PDT - demo was not 100% smooth but the end result was impressive

10:31AM PDT - app reuses existing code but can runs in a security container

10:29AM PDT - demo is Choice Hotel app

10:29AM PDT - Windows will have an Android subsystem

10:28AM PDT - Third tech: Android Java/C++ integration

10:28AM PDT - Adobe will be bringing Photoshop elements and Premier Elements to the Windows Store later this year

10:27AM PDT - Windows Store now leverages App-V to sandbox apps

10:26AM PDT - showing Adobe Photoshop Elements in the Windows Store

10:26AM PDT - Brett: This is super important to move existing apps into the store

10:25AM PDT - the next tech for moving to the Windows Store is .NET and Win32 application support

10:24AM PDT - they can then use the in-app purchases of the Windows Store but in their web app

10:24AM PDT - server hosted code can tell if the app is running in a web frame or in an app

10:23AM PDT - demo will use 22tracks website

10:23AM PDT - you can reuse current server hosted tools and have the website send notifications and live tiles

10:22AM PDT - Web is the first

10:22AM PDT - announcing four new ways to bring existing code to the Windows Store

10:22AM PDT - Windows Store: Universal Windows Platform

10:19AM PDT - shown on Xbox too

10:18AM PDT - state is shared in the cloud so that opening the app in multiple locations can bring you to the exact same place in the app

10:17AM PDT - new universal app works on both with a single codebase

10:17AM PDT - showing USA Today and how they currently have a codebase for phone and a codebase for Windows

10:16AM PDT - they want Windows 10 on 1 billion devices in the next 2-3 years

10:15AM PDT - they know they need Windows 10 broadly adopted and quickly

10:14AM PDT - same experience for end users, and allows business payment methods

10:14AM PDT - introducing the Windows store for business today

10:13AM PDT - 90 mobile operators

10:13AM PDT - Carrier billing for all Windows devices announced today

10:12AM PDT - easy and fast to install and uninstall

10:12AM PDT - apps that come from the windows store come with promises to the end user

10:12AM PDT - 40% of searches in the store are the same right now across Windows and Phone

10:11AM PDT - a single binary that can run on all of these devices

10:11AM PDT - targeting the broadest device range ever

10:10AM PDT - our goal is to make Windows 10 the most attractive developer platform ever

10:10AM PDT - Terry Myerson just came on stage

10:08AM PDT - Video time

10:07AM PDT - this is what they need to really nail with Windows 10

10:07AM PDT - one unified store

10:07AM PDT - Unified platform from Raspberry Pi to Hololens

10:07AM PDT - wifi just died again whoops

10:06AM PDT - Windows built for an era of more personal computing

10:05AM PDT - "It's now time to talk about Windows"

10:05AM PDT - They really want Office to be a true platform

10:04AM PDT - Also launching a Web SDK for Skype

10:03AM PDT - Delve can leverage this and show data from many sources

10:02AM PDT - demoing Office being used for graphing and getting insights from your users and data

09:59AM PDT - Uber knows where you are from the app and where you need to be from your Outlook calendar

09:58AM PDT - MS is partnering with Uber for ride reminders in Outlook calendar

09:58AM PDT - lets you see who you are talking to when dealing with email

09:57AM PDT - Outlook shown with LinkedIn and Salesforce integration

09:56AM PDT - Powerpoint being demoed with PicHit.me service

09:55AM PDT - and the add-on works on all platforms including iPad, Office Online and traditional Office

09:55AM PDT - Excel with SAP integration

09:55AM PDT - Office 16 on Windows shown with DocuSign integrated with HTML5 and Javascript

09:54AM PDT - Rob Lefferts from the Office team is on stage to demo

09:54AM PDT - combine users, data, and intelligence together

09:53AM PDT - Transforming Office into a platform

09:53AM PDT - Azure is done now, moving on to Office

09:50AM PDT - HDInsight is the backbone of their service

09:50AM PDT - Azure allowed us to focus on our goal

09:50AM PDT - they want to have a personal app that knows what you want to give based on what you care about

09:48AM PDT - JustGiving wants to use analytics to solve world issues

09:47AM PDT - Mike Bugembe from JustGiving is now on stage to discuss how they use Azure analytics

09:45AM PDT - Data Lake uses the Hadoop HDFS API

09:45AM PDT - enterprise security

09:45AM PDT - run analytic jobs against the data

09:44AM PDT - store and manage infinite data in the original form

09:44AM PDT - New Azure Data Lake service

09:43AM PDT - moving on to IoT now with Azure

09:42AM PDT - comparing Azure Data warehousing to AWS Redshift

09:40AM PDT - Data Warehousing service lets you do machine learning from many sources

09:37AM PDT - another video showing Azure doing analytics

09:36AM PDT - Two new Azure analytic services SQL Data Warehouse

09:35AM PDT - now discussing Analytics

09:34AM PDT - demo over. Pretty impressive and really simplifies DB work

09:33AM PDT - Elastic jobs let you submit one T-SQL query to all of the databases for maintenance or updates

09:32AM PDT - Elastic Database Query will be previewed in a few weeks to allow simple queries to all of the databases in the pool

09:31AM PDT - Azure will dynamically change the resources to save money on overprovisioning

09:30AM PDT - you can specify the minimum and maximum performance for each database

09:30AM PDT - Microsoft has machine learning to recommend which databases are put into the pool

09:29AM PDT - Lara Rubbbelke is on stage to demo

09:29AM PDT - Elastic Database Pool enables isolated databases but aggregates the capacity to smooth peaks

09:28AM PDT - new SQL capabilities: Transparent Data Encryption, Full text search, and Elastic Database pool

09:26AM PDT - Esri talking about ArcGIS SaaS

09:26AM PDT - now a video

09:26AM PDT - up to 160,000 SQL instances are created and dropped per day for testing and development

09:25AM PDT - SQL can be provisioned in seconds and distribute it around the world with automatic failover and geo distribution

09:25AM PDT - Azure data services now. SQL DB is one of their most popular services on Azure

09:24AM PDT - Windows and Linux versions will be available this week

09:23AM PDT - Azure Service Fabric is a High-control distributed computing framework

09:23AM PDT - new Azure techs now

09:22AM PDT - Azure powers all of their apps and does the heavy lifting for forecasts

09:22AM PDT - AccuWeather used to be AWS and has switched to Azure

09:22AM PDT - 90% of tech companies are building SaaS apps

09:21AM PDT - Really pushing how their tools are the ones they want people to use on all platforms

09:20AM PDT - Visual Studio Code is going to be Free and available later today!

09:19AM PDT - This is not the full Visual Studio but still this is a big step for the company

09:18AM PDT - and also on Ubuntu...

09:17AM PDT - now showing Visual Studio Code is now on the Mac

09:15AM PDT - now demoing the Logic app part

09:12AM PDT - Visual Studio online lets you see insights into the app and how it is performing and to let you auto-scale based on parameters

09:11AM PDT - demoing the Android emulator built into Visual Studio which runs Android on Hyper-V

09:10AM PDT - Showing how the Visual Studio tools let him manage the website, Windows app, phone app

09:09AM PDT - he uploaded a 3D model and it was submitted to an order backend on Azure

09:09AM PDT - sample is a 3D printer service

09:07AM PDT - Scott Hanselman is now coming on stage to demo Azure App Services

09:07AM PDT - App Service lets you do an Enterprise VPN

09:07AM PDT - apps can scale up the number of instances to respond to load, and remove instances when load goes down

09:06AM PDT - Azure App Service now is being discussed

09:05AM PDT - Azure being discussed in how it can really help developers

09:04AM PDT - now he's demoing how to see the debugging .net on Linus with Visual Studio

09:04AM PDT - my apologies

09:03AM PDT - Wi-Fi is going down again

09:02AM PDT - love Mark's Docker shirt

09:01AM PDT - and he can publish directly to it from Visual Studio

09:01AM PDT - now that they have .net on Linux he is going to show how his Docker app can also run on that OS

09:01AM PDT - and his app is now running in Docker

09:00AM PDT - packed his asp.net into Docker and now is going to run it

08:59AM PDT - has a minecraft server running in Docker

08:58AM PDT - he is discussing asp.net running docker

08:58AM PDT - Mark Russinovich is now on stage

08:58AM PDT - mix and match Windows and Linux dockers for multi part apps

08:57AM PDT - Microsoft has really embraced Docker on not just Linux but Windows as well

08:57AM PDT - Met Microsoft to let Docker run on Linux Azure services

08:56AM PDT - take any app and its dependencies and let it run on any server

08:55AM PDT - Docker is discussing how they can assist developers

08:55AM PDT - seems like such a big tech already

08:55AM PDT - Docker is only two years old wow

08:55AM PDT - Ben Golub who is the CEO of Docker is now on stage

08:54AM PDT - core .NET tech is now open source

08:54AM PDT - Open Source is more broadly used and Docker is now a big part of Azure

08:53AM PDT - Azure lets you re-use the skills you already have

08:52AM PDT - 1.4 million SQL databases in Azure

08:52AM PDT - more than 90,000 new Azure customer subs per month

08:52AM PDT - they have delivered more than 500 new Azure services in the last 12 months

08:51AM PDT - they offer on prem, hybrid, or cloud only models which I think is unique to the landscape

08:51AM PDT - Azure lets you target the Full Spectrum of cloud

08:51AM PDT - he is the EVP of Cloud and Enterprise (Azure)

08:49AM PDT - now Scott Guthrie is coming on stage to talk about cloud

08:49AM PDT - the experience matters

08:49AM PDT - and Windows 10 represents a new generation of Windows built in an era of more personal computing

08:48AM PDT - Graphing data is going to be another key

08:48AM PDT - They want every developer on every platform to be able to use their cloud services

08:48AM PDT - Build the intelligent cloud

08:47AM PDT - the first is the cloud infrastructure

08:47AM PDT - Microsoft wants to drive platform innovation with three platforms

08:47AM PDT - that's a great use for the pen which i think is going to get even more useful in Windows 10

08:46AM PDT - and now the music he created with the pen is being played

08:45AM PDT - all being done on Surface

08:45AM PDT - the app transforms the music bars

08:44AM PDT - handwriting recognition for music is being shown

08:43AM PDT - as a musician he's comparing developing to creating music

08:43AM PDT - David William Hearn

08:43AM PDT - Going to talk to a developer now

08:42AM PDT - He's discussing how he had talked to developers all over the world

08:40AM PDT - Talking about empowering developers

08:40AM PDT - Satya Nadella just came on stage

08:39AM PDT - Satya is talking about Microsoft's recent 40 year anniversary

08:39AM PDT - sorry for the delay the Wi-Fi is struggling

08:38AM PDT - Satya Nadella has taken the stage.

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  • hans_ober - Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - link

    Why do posts get repeated? It happened during the G4 liveblog too.
  • Ryan Smith - Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - link

    Quirk in the system. Refresh and it corrects itself.
  • WorldWithoutMadness - Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - link

    Microsoft never goes hand in hand with the word free (Visual Code).
    Let's see the deal's full detail!
  • B3an - Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - link

    It's free. There's no more to it.

    Windows 10 - free upgrade.
    Visual Studio Express - been free for years.
    Visual Studio Community - full fat version of VS and free.
    Visual Code - also free.

    They have lots of other free dev tools too. Don't know what rock you've been living under for the last few years.
  • thetuna - Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - link

    That dude's outfit is cracking me up.

    Sport jacket and waist coat over... a white v-neck? With the sleeves rolled up?

    Is that what's stylish today?
  • chizow - Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - link

    Only works with the super douchey low cut V-neck apparently. :)

    The V is super saggy though, he may have stretched it even more himself. I think he would've been OK with more of a sport coat and less of dressed-down 3 pc. suit.
  • chizow - Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - link

    Continuum for phone seems REALLY interesting for Enterprise users who travel a lot. I need to look into this more for sure, but just to be clear, the runtimes for the interface changes are all local to the phone correct? You don't need to connect to a PC/tablet that has the full desktop/tablet versions of these apps right? If true, this will completely change some aspects of business travel if all you need is your phone and a display.

    This might be the first step in creating a true BlackBerry successor for the Enterprise....too bad their Nokia phone designs still leave a lot to be desired relative to the competition.
  • kyuu - Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - link

    As a user of one of those Nokia/ Microsoft phones, I'm curious exactly what it is I'm supposed to be desiring of the competition?
  • chizow - Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - link

    For starters, the sharp edges are awful from both a form and functionality standpoint. Nothing like giving yourself a Charlie horse or poking a hole in your trousers when sitting down. The contrasting colored plastic/black glass screen is pretty awful too from an aesthetic standpoint.

    Beyond that, Windows Phone is still the least supported platform from an app standpoint. I see they finally got WatchESPN support, but still missing some of my major go-to apps like BoA mobile banking and HBOGo. Long way to go before Windows Phone makes its way into my pocket for personal use, but I would consider pitching it at work to deploy on an enterprise level with some of these Continuum features.
  • ppi - Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - link

    Well, if they support Android apps also on WinPhone ...

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