We've known the GTX 570M was coming for a while now, but MSI is the first to start shipping notebooks with the new GPU. Sitting between the GTX 560M and GTX 580M, the GTX 570M packs 336 CUDA Cores clocked at 1150MHz, with 3GB of GDDR5 running on a 192-bit bus and clocked at 3GHz (72GB/s of bandwidth). That compares to 192 cores clocked at 1550MHz with 2.5GHz GDDR5 (60GB/s) for the GTX 560M, giving the 570M 20% more bandwidth and 34% more processing power. The big brother GTX 580M on the other hand comes with 384 cores clocked at 1240MHz, with 3GHz GDDR5 on a 256-bit bus (96GB/s), so it has 33% more bandwidth and 23% more processing power. Like all the 500M...

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