LG Velvet

It’s been a few months since LG has released the LG V60, and since then the company has also finally managed to launch the new Velvet phone to western markets outside of Korea, such as Germany. The two new 2020 phones are quite contrasting devices for LG – representing what one could say the company’s classic design philosophy versus a newer, more refreshing design language. They’re also contrasting devices in terms of their specifications and positioning, with the V60 being a successor flagship devices with a high-end SoC, whilst the new Velvet is a “premium” design with the new Snapdragon 765, coming at a lower price point and some compromises in terms of specification – but not too many as to call it a...

LG Announces VELVET Phone: Korea Only For Now

LG had been teasing the “Velvet” for several weeks now, trickle-feeding information about the company’s new premium level smartphone. Today, the company officially launches the device in Korea, fully...

29 by Andrei Frumusanu on 5/7/2020

LG Teases "Velvet" Phone with Snapdragon 765

We’ve already been quite surprised by the fact that to date LG still hasn’t talked much about a successor to the G8. Last year, LG had explained that going...

25 by Andrei Frumusanu on 4/21/2020

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