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As part of a jam-packed CES keynote presentation this morning, AMD has announced a slew of updates to its mobile graphics lineup. Altogether, AMD is introducing one new GPU and 8 new SKUs this morning, almost quadrupling the size of their mobile graphics parts catalog. Combined with the Ryzen 6000 Mobile series announcement, it’s clear that this year AMD is going to be heavily focusing on laptops, and that is going for both their CPU(APU) and GPU businesses.

AMD Reveals Radeon RX 6500 XT: Navi 24 Lands for Low-End Desktops on January 19th

Alongside AMD’s smorgasbord of mobile graphics offerings that were announced during today’s CES 2022 keynote, the company also has some new desktop video cards to speak about for the...

22 by Ryan Smith on 1/4/2022

AMD Teases Radeon RX 6000 Card Performance Numbers: Aiming For 3080?

As part of today’s Zen 3 desktop CPU announcement from AMD, the company also threw in a quick teaser from the GPU side of the company in order to...

179 by Ryan Smith on 10/8/2020

AMD Announces Ryzen "Zen 3" and Radeon "RDNA2" Presentations for October: A New Journey Begins

AMD today has announced that they will be making a pair of consumer product presentations in October. The chipmaker, who has been fairly quiet since the spring, will be...

145 by Ryan Smith on 9/9/2020

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