For Intel’s 2021 Architecture Day presentations, the yin to the CPU company’s traditional yang is GPUs. Intel has spent the last few years preparing to enter the market for discrete GPUs, with aims of competing in everything from consumer video cards up to HPC-class accelerators. And now, as the company already begins preparing for 2022, those efforts are finally coming to a head. Intel’s big breakout effort in the discrete GPU space starts in earnest next year with Xe-HPG and Xe-HPC, so for their 2021 architecture day, Intel is opening up a bit more about the GPU architectures that will be driving their first wave of high-performance products next year.

Intel Video Cards Get a Brand Name: Arc, Starting with "Alchemist" in Q1 2022

After several months of various teasers, Intel is finally starting to put the band together for their first high-performance discrete GPUs and video cards. This morning the company is...

56 by Ryan Smith on 8/16/2021

Intel Drops Teaser For Upcoming Xe-HPG GPU Architecture

With the launch of their first-iteration Xe-LP architecture now firmly in the proverbial rearview mirror, Intel’s GPU division has turned its sights towards its next consumer-focused GPU architecture, Xe-HPG...

50 by Ryan Smith on 3/18/2021

Intel Xe Graphics: An Interview with VP Lisa Pearce

Bringing a new range of hardware to market is not an easy task, even for Intel. The company has an install base of its ‘Gen’ graphics in hundreds of...

34 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 11/11/2020

Intel: DG1 GPU Now Shipping, Xe-HPG DG2 GPU In Labs

Alongside today’s profitable-but-uneasy earnings report from Intel, the company’s earnings presentation also offered a short update on the status of their discrete GPUs. As of today, Intel’s DG1 GPU...

50 by Ryan Smith on 10/22/2020

Intel’s Xe-HPG GPU Unveiled: Built for Enthusiast Gamers, Built at a Third-Party Fab

Among the many announcements in today’s Intel Architecture Day, Intel is also offering a major update to their GPU roadmap over the next 24 months. The Xe family, already...

39 by Ryan Smith on 8/13/2020

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